"terminal emulator" with support for text fonts and images for plan9
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,9 +1,13 @@ -Richterm is a textual interface that supports different fonts, links, +# Richterm + +Richterm is a textual interface with support different fonts, links, images and customizable menu. -Processes can interact with it either by writing/reading to /dev/cons, -as usual, or by working with its file system, mounted over at -/mnt/richterm: +# Interface + +Processes can interact with richterm either by writing and reading to +/dev/cons, or by working with its file system, mounted over at +/mnt/richterm. Reading from /new file will return id of freshly created element. @@ -12,5 +16,44 @@ accept commands to 'clear' the screen or 'remove $id ...'. Lines written to menu file will appear in the right-click menu. -Directory /$id/ will contain files representing element's properties +Directory /$id will contain files representing element's properties (text, link, image, font). + +# Usage + +Richterm runs rc shell by default. You can type text on keyboard +mostly like usual and it will be send to stdin of running process. + +Left mouse button is used to select text. + +Middle-click opens menu for text operations such as snarf, paste and plumb. + +Right-click menu combines link operations (Follow, Snarf, Plumb) +and user menu managed by /mnt/richterm/menu file. + +# Extra + +Handler is a rc script that handles richterm's link and menu events. +It tries to open links in appropriate programs or sends them to +plumber. + +For now, two programs are provided: Dir and Markdown: + +Dir prints direcrory listing, supplied with appropriate link for +every line. + +Markown reads text files and applies markdown formatting to them + +In addition, Handler manages primitive link history via user menu. + +# Installation + +Proper installation and operation of richterm is work in progress. + +For now you can run it in the following fashion: + + mk + cd extra; mk install + cd .. + 6.out bin/rc/Handler +